More Random Thoughts

You know you are getting old when 

  1. The TV shows you watch only air commercials about ED, debt reduction, class action lawsuits and stool softeners. 
  2. On the stations you seldom watch, you haven’t a clue what anyone is talking about. 
  3. On those stations, none of the commercials make sense.
  4. Your grandchildren are in college. 
  5. You haven’t a clue as to what is “body wash.”
  6. All your favorite movies and music are by dead people.
  7. You don’t understand all the tattoos and body piercing (particularly the nose rings/studs).
  8. It finally dawns on you how smart your parents were.
  9. Your grown children are having the same troubles with their kids as you had with them.

The FBI says that a Ponzi scheme is “a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.”

Hum. Sounds like social security to me. Maybe this is why the Left is for open borders.

The pundits note that Biden’s approval ratings are in the 30s and some have wondered why is it so low. I on the other hand wonder why is it so high? How could anyone who is breathing approve of this president? I don’t know any of those supporters. Do you? 

Evidence that the Left is braindead is that Elizabeth Warren says that Democrats need to pass stalled agenda items in the next few months, otherwise they are “headed toward big losses in the midterms.” Huh? The reason that they are headed toward big losses is because of their agenda.

I guess the Democrats don’t believe all the polls about the coming election. Instead, they could easily avoid the impending disaster. All Biden has to do is lift the moratoriums on fossil fuels. Say “drill baby drill”, open up Federal leases, lower (instead of raising) royalties on leases, approve all the pipelines, repeal all the Covid mandates, keep quiet on CRT and gender identity, embrace charter schools, reinstitute “stay in Mexico”, keep Title 42 and announce funding for the wall. Sure the Left will go ballistic but they are not going to vote for any Republican. I bet that the poll numbers will flip and the Democrats might maintain control of the Senate if not the House.

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