How long with the energy producing states take it?

The powers that be have conspired against fossil fuel production and are pushing renewable energy (sans nuclear) and electric cars down our throats. More and more auto manufacturers are announcing that they will go completely electric, even though there is little demand from consumers. The world’s largest banks have formed a consortium that will limit lending to fossil fuel producers. The largest money managers have pledged 75% green portfolios by 2050. The G-20 countries have agreed not to lend to international fossil fuel projects. The big oil companies are pivoting to go green as are the power companies who have seen the writing on the wall. The smaller energy producers will go bankrupt lessening energy competition and driving prices up even more. The government is deliberately driving the price of oil and gas up to make renewables and electric cars more competitive. 

It doesn’t matter that the infrastructure does not exist to support widespread adoption of electric vehicles and that solar and wind are grossly inefficient. It also doesn’t matter that the actions of governments, money managers and banks are impoverishing millions by reducing their real income through higher energy prices. It doesn’t seem to matter that driving up the cost of agricultural produce is causing food shortages worldwide and that starvation is rising. The Green Elites could care less. They profess to care about the environment and that climate change is an “existential threat.” True is, they could care less about the environment. The governments are pushing a green agenda because it increases their power. The money managers push the green agenda because it means bigger fees. The banks are reacting to the regulatory pressures from their governmental agencies. The energy producers are trying to stay in business and the big producers will never object to having fewer competitors as the small producers are forced out of business.

The question is whether the energy producing states will stand for losing their primary source of revenue and the primary source of employment in their states. I would be shocked if these states sat idly by and let themselves be bankrupted by the federal government. I expect that these states may want to call a meeting amongst themselves to at least broach the idea of succession. A county made up of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Wyoming, western Pennsylvania, the Dakotas, New Mexico, Colorado and Kentucky would be large enough for auto companies to continue to produce internal combustion engines. If not, then I would suspect that there will be startups that will meet the demand.

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