Random Thoughts

November 2022

The democrats did a bang up job this election is pandering to the youth vote. The young had no skin in the game so the issues important to most adults were of no consequence to the youth. They don’t worry about inflation because their parents pay the bills. So energy and food prices don’t register with them. They are woefully ignorant of world events so Afghanistan didn’t matter. The have bought into the gender equity, climate change, trans, CRT stuff so those issues didn’t matter either. However, the two areas that the democrats brilliantly exploited that do matter to the youth are abortion and student loans. By railing about abortion, the young listened. It is no surprise that abortion clinics tend to be near college campuses and that the pro abortion rhetoric and the threat that republicans if in power would move to pass anti-abortion legislation resounded with the young. Also Biden’s bogus student debt forgiveness plan was brilliant. Republicans were against it – loudly so. It was no wonder than the young voted in greater numbers than any year since 2018 for the democrats and against the republicans. In tight races, their vote made a difference.

Did you see where Biden’s “non-binary” nuclear official – the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition at the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy – was charged with stealing a $2,500 suitcase at an airport luggage carousel? He/she/it or is it they/them took the bag, removed the ID and claimed it as it’s (their) own. She/he/it/they/them has resigned. It is difficult to be tolerant toward “them” and pretending that “they” are normal folk. 

Crypto for me has always simply been a money laundering scheme. I am amazed that any rational being would be “invested” in it. I’m reminded of what P. T. Barnum said.

In the “there they go again” file is the World Health Organization renaming monkeypox, Mpox to counter some perceived stigma. The disease once mostly in parts of Africa spread around the world by gay male sex. Instead of Mpox what about Gpox instead?

Some people have wondered why so many billionaires are liberals and contribute to leftist causes. It would seem irrational, since many on the left act as if they despise the wealthy. I think the billionaires see a bigger picture and are trying to insinuate themselves into big government politicians. I call it American socialism where big business and big government align themselves to impose their might on the populace. Small businesses will be squeezed out (Donald Trump anyone?), competition diminished both economically and politically. It’s the government from Hell.

Don’t you get tired of people apologizing? You will never find me apologizing. If I said it I meant it. If some folk don’t like it – tough.

My Dad never thought their would be a black president or a black senator or a black governor in Georgia in his lifetime. He was right. My mother felt the same way and voted solely for that reason for Obama – the first time only. She also lived to see Raphael Warnock elected to the Senate. Only she did not vote for him. Both of my parents would be amazed that both candidates for Senator from Georgia are black. Obviously a case of systemic racism.

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