Random Thoughts

  • Vivek Ramaswamy for president
  • News reports show that 22 public schools in Chicago have zero students who are proficient in math or reading! Its time to blow up the education industrial complex and take back our schools. It’s another socialist failure. I bet no one gets fired. If this were corporate America, the board of directors and CEO would be gone.
  • Isn’t it interesting that the rival news networks mainly talk about their rivals? I bet you that Fox spends half their airtime talking about the personalities on CNN and MSNBC. Presumably those networks talk about Fox. I could care less what is said on the View or by Don Lemon. Why is this news?
  • How is it that only blacks have “leaders” and “spokesmen”? Who is the Catholic spokesman in America? Certainly not Joe Biden. Who is the Jewish spokesman in America? Certainly not Chuck Schumer. I’ve concluded that the existence of spokesmen means that they speak to the media for themselves and not for whom they contend. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were made rich by stupid white people as are Ibram X. Kendi and Ta-Nehisi Coates. I haven’t a clue why anyone is paying a dime to Robin Diangelo for her “white fragility” BS.
  • I bet if you asked virtually any black person who is their “leader” or their “spokesmen” they would be speechless. 
  • Thomas Sowell not being awarded a Nobel Prize further degrades the award. Even that charlatan Paul Krugman got the award in economics and Krugman’s scholarship is at a kindergarten level compared to Sowell’s.
  • I’ve written before that Biden’s cabinet is the most incompetent in my memory. Its incompetence is only exceeded by the appointments to judgeships, agencies and subcabinent posts. Consider judges who do not know the Constitution, appointee to the FAA who has no knowledge of flying, others seemingly randomly chosen who check a particular box for diversity and inclusion.
  • Its not my imagination but the last three times I have gone through the self checkout at Walmart, some associates have showed up watching me scan my items. The last time the associate came over and asked did I complete the survey at the end of the checkout. I told her no and that I was wondering why I was the only one asked. I then said that I guess she wanted to make sure that black people weren’t stealing on her watch. Of course she denied it and of course she was lying.
  • Poor Austan Goolsby. The former head of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, one time professor of economics at the University of Chicago and current president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago had his floated out there as being in line for vice chair of the Fed’s Board of Governors replacing Lael Brainard who for some reason is leaving the Fed to become chair of the Council of Economic Advisors. Goolsby is apparently a straight white male so his name was quickly jettisoned and replaced by those of two women (I don’t know their sexual orientation).
  • Jill Biden gave an international women’s award for courage to a biological male. Apparently, some men make better women than women. The recipient reportedly actively campaigned to change the name of the National Women’s Conference to the “Plurinational Conference of Women and Lesbian, Cross-Dresser, Transgender, Bisexual, Intersex and Non-Binary Persons”. Wow. Doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?

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