Has it only been a year?

Americans are a polite and considerate people. Most of us do not riot when we want to protest an injustice. We usually keep go along with policies even when we do not like them. How else to explain that we will send our kids to schools wearing masks even though all the research tells us that kids are less affected by Covid than by the flu, that they are unlikely to transmit the disease and that wearing masks hampers their learning. If this were a policy to which that left were opposed, all hell would be raised. Its hard to imagine the 180 degree turn taken by the country in only one year. Here are some of the harmful – for most of us – policies of the current administration that bear the imprimatur of the left.

  1. Climate change: no new pipelines, restrictions on drilling, encouraging financial institutions not to lend to gas and oil producers, cited climate change as an essential element of national security and foreign policy
  2. Expansion of the welfare state: proposed dramatic increased in spending on Pell Grants, low income K-12 schools, low income housing assistance, equity plans for all federal agencies, changing funding formula to Obama Care.
  3. Open borders: ended funding for the border wall, rescind the “Stay in Mexico” policy
  4. $1.9 trillion Covid “relief” bill: Only 9% allocated to public health issues
  5. $2.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill
  6. Support for teaching of Critical Race Theory
  7. Opposition of Florida bill limiting teaching of gender identity to K-3 students
  8. Raising the corporate income tax, a millionaires tax, a wealth tax, an excise tax on pharmaceuticals, increasing the excise tax.
  9. Mask mandates on federal property
  10. Ending ban on transgenders in military
  11. Raised minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 an hour
  12. Established a White House gender policy council
  13. Stops withdrawal from World Health Organization
  14. Restart Iran nuclear agreement
  15. Pauses student loan repayments
  16. Extends foreclosure moratorium
  17. Rejoins Paris climate accord
  18. Rescinds Trump’s 1776 Commission that was established as a counter to the New York Times 1619 Project
  19. Required noncitizens to be included in the Census
  20. “Build Back Better” progressive wish list
  21. Soft on crime
  22. Attempts at rescinding the Second Amendment
  23. Federal takeover of elections
  24. Commission to study the packing of the Supreme Court
  25. Universal pre-K, free community college, expansion of child tax credit
  26. Increased regulatory burdens at a cost of $100 billion annually

Did I miss anything? But if you think that all this is not enough, the progressive democrat caucus has given Biden a list of 55 items that they want imposed by executive action. Note that Biden has issued more executive orders than any previous president by a large margin. The progressives want him to issue even more.

Many pundits are telling us that the Republicans taking control of the House and the Senate in the midterm elections will derail the progressive agenda. Well it won’t. Virtually all of the items above came via executive orders. Republicans can derail legislative initiatives and can control fiscal expenditures. But any effort to derail executive orders will fail because there will not be 60 senators that will vote to override the president’s orders.

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