Random Thoughts

Apparently you can’t get Covid or transmit it if you are eating or drinking. Why else are you forced to wear a mask on an airplane or in a terminal unless  you are eating or drinking?

Kamala Harris must be pretending to be a buffoon. Remember she was attorney general and then a senator from California so its hard to believe that she is as stupid as she appears.

I was wrong. I thought when Biden said in the debates with Trump that he would end fossil fuels, he would lose all the high energy producing states and lose the election. Yet he won Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Colorado. Go figure.

Seventy percent of black students in college are women. What does this portend? Typically, women do not marry men with less education. This means that when college educated black women look to marry men with equal or greater education, for many, this means white men. Two prominent examples are Kamala Harris and Judge (soon to be Justice) Kentanji Jackson Brown.

Antony Fauci’s ever changing advice reminds me of the story about Albert Einstein who was asked by one of his assistants if he realized that he had just given the same exam to his class that he had given one year ago. Einstein said yes he knew it was the same exam, but the answers had changed.

It seems to me that the support by the leaders of the democratic party of the few transgender individuals and gender identity has signaled an end to their support of the women’s movement. Indeed, it seems that they have even abandoned the use of the word “women”. Birthing people? Give me a break.

The iphone has a male pregnant emoji.

Why don’t conservative stockholders raise hell at the annual meetings of woke corporations?

I just read where several women at a prison in New Jersey have become pregnant after having sex with inmates who are biological males identifying as females. It seems to me that transpeople should have the genitalia of the gender that they identify with before being given the status of the other sex.

The trans swimmer who was mediocre as a male and a champion as a female is 6’3”, powerfully built and still has male genitalia and has sex with women. Is she (he) considered a lesbian? I would wage that since she (he) has used up her (his) eligibility at she (he) may likely transition back to being a male.

The newly anointed Supreme Court justice in waiting would not define a woman. I guess that she could not even say as did Justice Potter Stewart on obscenity “I know it when I see it.”

Why is it that female impersonators are in the main more attractive than transfemales?

There are an increasing number of cites on the internet of school children identifying not just as a different sex but as animals (mainly dogs and cats). See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYxEfIFpugg. While there have been assertions that some school districts are accommodating such students – called “furries” most of those assertions have been shown to be false.

“Fair” and “fare” have to be the most confusing words in the English language. How are they even pronounced the same is beyond me. “Fare” can be a noun or a verb and as each have wildly different meanings. “I paid the fare for the bus.” “The provincial fare of southern Italy is delicious.” “How did you fare on the exam?” Or even “I fared forth toward town.” As to “fair”: “I got a fair shake.” “Just to be fair, I gave them my bonus.” “The ball landed in fair territory.” “She is fair-skinned.” “She tutored a fair amount.” “It is a fair day.” “Today there is a fair wind.” “Let’s go to the fair.” Oh and lest we forget the word “fairing” which has nothing to do with any of the above. 

How can meatless products be advertised as plant based meats?

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