Random Thoughts

Random thoughts

The Wall Street Journal reported that the state of Massachusetts may take over the Boston city schools because of their dismal record of educating school kids. Despite a $1 billion budget only 25% of black elementary students read at grade level. However, I bet you that those kids are well versed on climate change, CRT and gender identity.

The Biden Administration has announced the formation of a dystopian  “Disinformation Governance Board” within the Department of Homeland Security. Weird. Are they going to monitor Jen Psaki and Tony Fauci and the rest of the purveyors of misinformation within this administration?

Hitler had an Office of Public Enlightenment. The Russians had a Special Disinformation Office. Harry Potter had an Office of Misinformation. Orwell’s 1984 had the Ministry of Truth. Now we have Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board.

Some Jokes

What do you call Joe Biden’s mother?

         Joe Mama

My mother always voted Republican but her mail-in ballot was cast for Joe Biden

         No way she would have done that if she were still alive

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and AOC were in a plane crash: who survives?

         The country

What do Joe Biden and Bill Cosby have in common?

         Neither can complete a sentence

What is a government mandate?

         Its when Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer go to dinner together

Is it true that when Biden was told he had to assemble a cabinet, he went to Ikea?

How do you get Biden to change a light bulb?

         Tell him Trump installed it.

The Squad always play the race card, Trans activists play the gender card, what is the democrats favorite card?

         The Trump card

What is the favorite nation of racists?


What happens when you take a joke too far”

         The 46th president of the United States

How do we know Joe Biden is a racist?

         He lives in the White House.

Why haven’t we seen any Biden hair plug jokes?

What does a socialist state lack?


Con is the opposite of pro which is why Congress is the opposite of progress.

Politically incorrect jokes

What do you get when you cross a Mexican with a civil rights novel?

         Tequila Mockingbird

Why did God invent golf?

         So white folks could dress up like blacks.

A black guy told me he has been a vegan for the past 10 years.

         I asked him “don’t you miss fried chicken?”

Why is do difficult to solve a redneck murder?

         All DNA matches

         No dental records

Why do blacks call white people “honkies”?
Thats the last noise they hear before the white people run them over.

What do you call a black wizard?

         A Negromancer.

Social media jokes

I’m starting a social media website for religious people with a lisp


My doctor refuses to post my diagnosis to social media…

He says my disease is untweetable..

Do you remember how before social media nobody cared what, where and with whom you ate?

Nobody still cares.

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