Random Thoughts

I have never figured out why the term “elites” is used for the leaders on the left. There is nothing elite about Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer or AOC. Quite the contrary. They may be elitist but they are certainly not elite. A definition of “elites” is “a small group of powerful people who hold a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege, political power, or skill in a group”. Well if that is the definition, then those commonly referred to as “elites” are certainly not elite.

The oracle-who-names obviously decided to change state colors after the 1994 election making Republican states “red states” and Democrat states “blue states”. Perhaps this is because red had always been associated with communists and this was an attempt to rebrand American democrats. If the democrat states were called “red” it would conjure up socialism, statism, and Marxism on a daily basis. Let’s call this the art of deception.

I wonder why this late in Covid do I find the vast majority of mask wearers are black? Maybe this is because most blacks are democrats and democrats are much more likely to wear masks than republicans.

I think that white democrats are more likely to wear masks because of their Klu Klux Klan roots.

This transgender stuff is getting ridiculous. I still say that one’s genitals should be the determining factor as to sports participation and bathroom/locker usage.

Want to bet now that the transgender swimmer’s eligibility is up that she (he) will return to being a male? Recall that she (he) still has his genitals and gets sexually aroused by women.

I don’t know why Penn where the transgender swimmer goes to school, doesn’t field a transgender basketball team, soccer team, track team and a transgender team in every sport. They would dominate Ivy League “women’s” sports.

Again, why are drag queens more attractive than transgender males (or is it females). Can you seriously look at Rachael Levine? Or for that matter Catlyn Jenner?

The media is going bonkers over the leak of Alito’s draft ruling on abortion. I thought the case was the 15 week Mississippi law. But it looks like the court is taking the opportunity to weigh in on Roe. The left is acting as if it is the end of civilization. But the court is taking the power away from the federal government and putting it back to the states. The issue has always been whether abortion was a constitutional right and not whether it was illegal, Repealing Roe just means that the states will make the law and not the courts. It will be nice to remove Roe from the courts.

All the noise surrounding the leaked opinion has featured pro-abortionists. Why no reporting on pro-life women? Some surveys show around 50 percent of women either are pro-life or favor some curbs on abortion.

If the democrats couldn’t define “woman” before the leak, then how do they now claim to defend awoman’s “right to choose?”

The leaker is likely to be on the staff of one of the liberal justices. My money is on Sotomayor – the so-called “wise Latina”. If found to be true then the leaker should go to jail and Sotomayor should be forced to resign.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a debate with Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz and Paul Gosar on one side and AOC, Corrie Bush and Ilhan Omar or the other?

I don’t understand super yachts.

What is “body wash”?

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