Random thoughts

Liz Chaney

Liz Chaney has completely lost it. She is sending $500,000 in attack ads to Arizona to try to defeat Kari Lake. She also is endorsing a democrat Elissa Slotkin in a Michigan congressional race. In both races, the republicans questioned the outcome of the presidential race. So I guess that is consistent with her obsessing about Trump and her participation in the sham January 6 witch hunt ( no offense to witches). What is Chaney doing? She will likely change to being an official democrat rather than a de facto one. Perhaps she will run again for the congress but this time from her native Virginia. Although she represented Wyoming in the congress, she was born in Madison, Wisconsin and grew up in northern Virginia while her father was a representative from Wyoming. I don’t believe that she has ever lived in Wyoming for any length of time.

Cultural Appropriation

I don’t understand the term “cultural appropriation”. Sure I know what the dictionary says “adoption of certain language, behavior, clothing, or tradition belonging to a minority culture or social group by a dominant culture or group in a way that is exploitative, disrespectful, or stereotypical.” That means a minority cannot culturally appropriate? So its ok for a black person to appear in a play in whiteface? Or wear the tribal dress of a native American at Halloween?

Whites are being criticized for wearing dreadlocks – even though it’s a stunning lock on certain women – but blacks can speak English, wear western suits, ties, shoes without being accused of cultural appropriation. Joe Biden wants the Atlanta Braves to change their name and get rid of the tomahawk chop. I guess the same would be true for Florida State which originated the chop. Even I admit that the Braves were inappropriate early on with the Chief Knock-A-Homa and his teepee in center field. I hated that caricature and the gap tooth Indian brave that resided there. I also hated the Cleveland Indians logo – which also featured a gap tooth Indian. But I don’t want the Braves to change their name even though I am 1 percent Native American (I don’t know which of the 157 distinct tribes but its most likely Cherokee. What about music? Should white musicians be “allowed” to play jazz? Or blues? But, of course, its ok for blacks to play bluegrass or country (The Carolina Chocolate Drops).

Joe Biden

I don’t recall a more disastrous first two years of a presidency than Joe Biden’s. His administration deliberately tanked the economy in the name of climate change. The anti-fossil fuel strategy transformed the country from energy independence to importing a million barrels of oil a day. Its attack on refineries has led to a critical shortage of diesel fuel which imperils the entire economy and may be enough to plunge the country into a depression – rather than a mere recession. Afghanistan, COVID mismanagement, energy prices, inflation, supply chain woes, baby formula, low labor force participation rates, immigration, fentanyl, IRS, DOJ, FBI, woke military, woke Fed – did I leave anything out? That this administration will be in power for two more years is truly scary. Republican takeover of the House and Senate will lessen some of this lunacy but not all. Biden, like Obama before him, will test the limits of executive actions (perhaps the president has too much power). Yet 40% of voters approve of his administration and would vote for him again. What am I missing? As goes the Chinese curse: we live in interesting times.

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