Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

  1. Is it safe to drive an electric car through a car wash?
  2. Why do white folks eat so many casseroles?
  3. Is mac and cheese a casserole?
  4. I consider jerky a food-like substance.
  5. Beyond Meat doesn’t even qualify as being food-like. My dogs won’t even eat it.
  6. I don’t understand these ersatz meat like products. They are higher in saturated fats, higher in sodium and much less healthy than beef or turkey.
  7. The EU has joined California in banning the sale of gas powered cars beginning in 2035. Is it possible to have California join the EU?
  8. The Greenie Weenies are intent of destroying the planet in order to save it.
  9. The conservative media is having a field day over John Fetterman’s visits to DC hospitals and his prolong hospital stay saying that Pennsylvania voters were sold a bill of goods. No it was the republicans who were sold a bill of goods. Pennsylvania voters knew exactly what they were voting for. They rejected a mainstream candidate, Conor Lamb, in the primary for a known leftist radical. The republicans rejected a strong candidate in David McCormick for Memet Oz, an awful candidate, who had the backing of Sean Hannity and Donald Trump. Oz was probably the only candidate that Fetterman could beat. Pennsylvania voters got what they deserved.
  10. In the victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs, the players were chugging beers. Patrick Mahomes was leading the way and at the microphone was obviously drunk. You would think that the NFL and the Chiefs organization would be more cognizant of their image.
  11. I got a very interesting email not criticizing me on my writings but criticizing me for being a hunter curiously claiming that I was anti-Christian and a false academic. Even a cursory reference to the Bible can find that Jesus in the New Testament did not condemn the eating of meat nor can a condemnation be found in the Old Testament. I guess I was called a false academic since hunters are rare amongst the Ivory Tower. Yet I have not purchased any red meat since 1971 and did not eat fowl for 20 years. But I am not ashamed to admit that I love to hunt big game and like being at the top of the food chain.
  12. Another reason not to live in California or move if you do. Barbara Lee has announced for Diane Feinsteins senate seat. She joins Adam Schiff and Katie Porter. Has there ever been a worse slate of candidates? Poor California.
  13. Joe Biden gave an impassioned speech on securing one’s borders. He was talking about Ukraine.
  14. The democrats ran a candidate for president who hid in his basement, a seriously impaired candidate for senate in Pennsylvania, candidates for governor who refused to debate in Arizona and Oregon, candidates who favored masking kids vaccine mandates and keeping the schools closed in New York and Michigan, a candidate for the senate in Georgia who owed alimony ran over his ex-wife’s foot and evicted handicapped tenants from his decapitated tenement. All won. No wonder the republicans are called the stupid party – stupid and inept.
  15. Best sign I’ve seen in a while. It was at a tire store and said “If the balloon says Goodyear, don’t shoot it down.”
  16. Trump was accused – without proof – of being a Russian agent. There is more evidence that Biden is a Chinese agent. Didn’t he allow a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the entire United States before being pressured to shoot it down over the Atlantic? Doesn’t his green agenda favor China? Re: solar panels and demand for rare earth minerals?
  17. Did you notice that Ron DeSantis was attacked for opposing the teaching of woke black history rather than the teaching of black history? None defended why critical race theory, advocating for the abolition of prisons, queer black studies and black feminism were essential parts of black history. There was even a laudatory section on the Marxist anti-family Black Lives Matter. The left accused DeSantis as opposing the teaching of black history. One headline read “What is behind DeSantis push to erase black history?” This is another illustration that the media is fostering the lie that DeSantis opposes the teaching of black history. I bet Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Bob Woodson and historic black conservatives were excluded from the original AP course.

National Education Association president’s Becky Pringles defense of the AP curriculum “Black history is American history. DeSantis is stealing our students’ freedom to learn it” is sobering and shows precisely why we need to change our children being indoctrinated rather than educated in our public schools.

It should also be noted that contrary to the claims that Gov DeSantis is trying to erase black history, that the governor annually awards winners of Black History Month student contests in Florida. Gov. DeSantis and his Education Commissioner Manny Diaz, Jr should be commended for having the courage to reject the biased historical perspective of the AP course and to insist on educating our children rather than indoctrinating them.

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