Random Thoughts

  1. Commercials tell us that if you buy an expensive electric car. You too can be cool and black. Aren’t there any cool white people?
  2. ED commercials during pro football games. You too can look like a physical specimen. 
  3. Saw an EV commercial that boasted that an 80 percent charge took ‘only’ 18 minutes. How would you react if it took ‘only’ 18 minutes to fill up at the pump?
  4. Hair growth ads during baseball games. Only old bald men still watch baseball (like me).
  5. ED commercials during football games. Nuff said.
  6. If Hollywood is so woke then why all the gun violent movie trailers?
  7. If Hollywood is so woke then why only one black actress winning Oscar for best actress – all the rest are supporting actresses.
  8. The Oscars are Hollywood presenting themselves awards. Is it no surprise that virtually all the awards go to people who look like themselves? Face it: Hollywood is a racist liberal progressive enclave and embodies white supremacy.
  9. I keep reading about “the shift to EVs”. The so-called shift has been amongst those who embrace the trendy. Sure EVs have great acceleration and some are fun to drive. But they make little sense unless you use it just to run around town and have a home charger. For those in multifamily dwellings and those living in apartments, EVs don’t make sense. Makes me wonder about how China is managing these problems.
  10. All the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Omar’s ouster from the foreign affairs committee was simply theatre. She and her proponents said it was because she was an African Muslim woman. In fact she is an African Muslim woman who is openly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel raising the question whether she should be on a committee that deals with issues of national security.
  11. Some openly attacked the Republicans in Congress as being racist. AOC hyperventilated that the action showed “the Republican Party’s continued racist attack “and “incitement of violence against women of color in this body.” Cori Bush linked Omar’s ousting to the presence of white supremacy in the Congress. So much for comity. Of course, the four black republicans who voted to oust Omar must also be anti-black, anti-women of color and white supremacists. Give me a break.
  12. If Omar was booted for being an African Muslim woman then were Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell ousted because they were white males and victims of white supremacy?
  13. So why did Biden wait so long to have the Chinese balloon shot down? Once it entered US airspace it should have been shot down well before it reached the lower 48. Instead Biden allows it to broadcast information back to China as it flows over our military installations. He shoots it down over the Atlantic instead. This was lunacy – unless Biden is a Chinese agent. 
  14. Did you notice that Ron DeSantis was attacked for opposing the teaching of woke black history rather than the teaching of black history? None defended why critical race theory, advocating for the abolition of prisons, queer black studies and black feminism were essential parts of black history. There was even a laudatory section on the Marxist anti-family Black Lives Matter. The left accused DeSantis as opposing the teaching of black history. One headline read “What is behind DeSantis push to erase black history?” This is another illustration that the media is fostering the lie that DeSantis opposes the teaching of black history. I bet Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Bob Woodson and historic black conservatives were excluded from the original AP course.
  15. National Education Association president’s Becky Pringles defense of the AP curriculum “Black history is American history. DeSantis is stealing our students’ freedom to learn it” is sobering and shows precisely why we need to change our children being indoctrinated rather than educated in our public schools.

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